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Herbal Tea Blends Curated
to Ease Whatever Ails You




Handmade, Locally-Sourced

Living Apothecary is a Toronto-based herbal tea line providing organic, hand-crafted, premium herbal teas - allowing yourself to become more mindful while taking a small step towards a more natural wellness. 

herbal tea blends living apothecary toronto

living apothecary toronto herbal tea blends

A Unique Approach

We created our herbal teas to inspire self-care while trying a different approach of healing. We like combining old with new. 






Hi - I'm Kara

Founder of Living Apothecary

After spending years burnt out, Founder Kara Petrunick decided it was time to take her health in a different direction. Experimenting with different herbal preparations, she found herself sipping on tinctures in the morning and finishing her day with a hot cup of herbal tea (+ a healing bath). The power of herbs and the ritual it provided changed the way Kara felt. 

Living Apothecary came to life as a way to share this form of healing. To inspire the power of herbs alongside a self-care regime for those who, like Kara, are feeling burnt out. 

kara petrunick living apothecary founder toronto herbal tea