21-Day Teatox-Detox


Let's Hit Reset…

with our loose-leaf detox blends. The botanicals chosen for these blends are herbs that support liver detoxification, improve digestion, and assist the body to naturally cleanse without any emergency bathroom trips. 

+laxative free
+formulated using organic ingredients

The body is magical and takes care of detoxing us every single day. Just sometimes, our detoxifying organs can get bogged down and we need a gentle shift. If we are feeling more fatigued, foggy, anxious, bloated and our skin is acting up - it may be time for a reset. 

Our 21-Day Teatox-Detox contains two cleansing blends with 42 servings of loose leaf herbal tea + a guide to elevate your detoxing experience.

Your 21-Day Teatox-Detox Includes:

  • 1 AM Cleanse Blend (21 servings)

  • 1 PM Cleanse Blend (21 servings)

  • Teatox-Detox Guide 

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21-day teatox-detox
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